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Transforming the bank of the future

Building Blockchain applications for the banking industry driven by deep tech and exceptional entrepreneurs.

Israel is becoming one of the leading hubs for blockchain innovation. As a society centered around defense on both the military and enterprise level, the country produces cutting-edge tech to incorporate into the economy. Israel has a rich background in the cyber, fintech, and cryptography industries. Disciplined workers enter the workforce regularly after training in the defense force, ensuring an abundance of talent always exists. The fusion of revolutionary institutes of higher education along with the propensity for tech startups in the region gives Israel the potential to be the world’s leading blockchain innovation center.

The success of our Blockchain initiatives lead us to create the Blockchain Factory. A 6 months mentor driven early stage program with a vision to build blockchain applications for the banking industry driven by deep tech and exceptional entrepreneurs.

Stage 1

  • Product design, development and fit
  • Whitepaper
  • Legal advise

Stage 2

  • Roadshows in Asia
  • Business Development
  • PR & Marketing
  • Investors relations

Stage 3

  • Funding
  • Application of Technology

The Blockchain Factory companies


Nitromia has developed a quantum-safe security and interoperability solution for the new digital age which allows transactions and agreements to be recorded and managed quickly and accurately, in a secure, consistent, reliable, private and authoritative manner.


PAI is a decentralized operating system which enables the creation of decentralized applications which are intelligent, accessible and simple to use, maintain as well as run.


Teneos developed a platform that enables borrowers to use their crypto assets as collateral for traditional credit.

Potential collaboration with global financial institutions

Collaboration on Development

- Integrate multiple blockchain technologies to create holistic solutions
- Mentorship for startups in understanding and adapting to bank/strategic partners requirements
- Leverage Israeli innovation, know-how, and academic research

Ingenuity of Solutions

- Create new, differentiating blockchain solutions that offer value to a bank/strategic partners customers and provide an edge against competitors

- Integrate and adopt new blockchain technology to bank/strategic partners standards and environment

Prototype Design

- Develop mock-ups for new system ideas at the bank and for strategic partners
- Pilot deployment to the bank and strategic partners
- Opportunity to promote in-house platforms and tech partnerships with startups

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