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Securing the bank of the future

This is the age of information. Information is the key asset of your organization, of any organization. The threat is real and the risks are high.

The financial services industry is going through a technological revolution. These new opportunities are, however, accompanied by unprecedented risks. Today’s financial institutions operate in a high threat level environment where they must defend against a growing number of persistent, well-funded, and highly sophisticated adversaries. It is no longer a question of IF, but rather WHEN a cyber breach or hack will occur.

The Floor Cyber is a joint venture between The Floor and Cyber Security Group to strengthen our capabilities as the leader in the global fintech ecosystem, committed to not only shaping but also securing the bank of the future.


Israel is the second largest source of cyber technology in the world and here at The Floor Cyber we are veterans of cyber battlefields. We have unique proven experience in leading cyber organizations in governmental and private sectors. Our team of experts have an unparalleled level of experience that will support you in securing your financial institution against threats at a level that cannot be matched elsewhere.

Selected Cyber Solutions & Research Areas

  • Swift Security
  • Fraud Fusion Center
  • SOC
  • Biometrics
  • Information Sharing
  • Deception
  • EDR
  • loT / OT
  • Awareness
  • Data & Privacy
  • Big Data Analytics
  • SOAR
  • Blockchain & Crypto

Boutique Cyber Advisory Services

  • Incident Response
  • Red Team
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Training & Simulation
  • Strategy
  • Forensics

Industry Focus

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Central Banks
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Banking Associations
  • Trading Platforms
  • Family Offices
  • Investment Firms

Leadership Team

Brig. General Doron Tamir (ret.)

General Doron Tamir is a seasoned security and intelligence professional with vast experience in leading government and technology organizations. Doron was a founding member of the Israeli National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister Office, steering the nation's cyber security efforts. Doron served as the Senior Director of the Security Sector in the INCB, and also led the formation of the national cyber security command and control center, as well as the national cyber laboratory. Concurrently, Doron served as Director of International Cooperation, and laid the foundation for cooperation with the US Department of Homeland Security, as well as with similar organizations in Europe and Asia. Prior to the INCB, Doron held several senior roles in technology oriented organizations, among them are VP Marketing & Strategic Accounts at Ness Technologies, Founder and Managing Director at Corner Shot, and Strategic Consultant to the Israeli Aerospace Industries. Doron had a distinguished military career spanning over 2 decades in the Intelligence Corps and Special forces - as the Chief Intelligence Officer in the Israeli military, where he commanded numerous military units in all aspects of the intelligence field, from signal, visual, and human intelligence, through technology and cyber, to combat and special operations.

Maj. General Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel (ret.)

Major General Professor Isaac Ben-Israel was appointed in 2011 by the Prime Minister to lead a task force that formulated Israel National Cyber Policy. Following that he founded the INCB – Israel National Cyber Bureau in the PM Office. In 2014 he was appointed by the PM to lead another task force which resulted in a government decision (February 2015) to set up the National Cyber Authority. Prof. Ben-Israel currently serves as Head of the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Studies Centre (ICRC) in Tel-Aviv University. In addition, he serves as Head of the Yuval Neeman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security, as Head of the Security Studies Program in Tel-Aviv University, as Chairman of the Israeli Space Agency and as Chairman of the National Council for Research and Development. Formerly, General Ben-Israel served for 35 years in the Israeli Air Force and MOD, he headed the IAF Operations Research Branch, Analysis and Assessment Division of IAF Intelligence, and was the Head of Military R&D in Israel Military and MOD. Later he became the Director of Defence R&D Directorate in the MOD. Prof. Ben-Israel is a Member of Singapore RIEC - Research, Innovation and Enterprise Council, Member of the Board of Singapore A*STAR - Agency for Science, Technology & Research, and is also a Member of IAA - International Academy of Astronautics. He wrote numerous papers and published several books and also won the Israel Defence Award and Singapore Defence Technology Distinguished Award for his "outstanding contribution to bilateral defence relations between Israel and Singapore".

Amir Hirsh
Amir Hirsh

Amir is a technology entrepreneur with over 2 decades of experience in technology and business in the cyber security arena. Amir was VP R&D of Riptech, a US pioneer in the field of advanced security management platforms, before it got acquired by Symantec, one of the leading IT security companies in the world. Amir then became Director of Services Development at Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC). Later Amir founded Blue Security that was backed by Benchmark Capital, and also Collactive that was backed by Sequoia Capital. Collactive was recently acquired by the Israeli Aerospace Industries. Amir also founded Sendoo, a mobile messaging service. Amir has a background in computer engineering and served as an officer in the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

Asaf Tamir

Asaf is a technology entrepreneur with vast experience in risk management and technology oriented businesses. In 2004 Asaf founded Sensomatix, a Big Data analytics company in the field of risk management and actuarial research. Sensomatix provided services to some of the leading financial institutions in the US, and was acquired in 2013 by Verisk Analytics (NASDAQ:VRSK). Until 2014, Asaf served as Innovation Leader at Verisk. Prior to that, Asaf was Director of Product Management for ComSense, a security technology company in the field of authentication and secure payments, and was also a Technology Analyst for Pitango (f.k.a. Polaris), one of Israel's largest venture capital funds. Asaf has a B.A in computer science and also served as an officer in the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

Tzach Horowitz

Tzach Horowitz is an international expert in large scale cyber projects and cyber operations. His vast fields of expertise span from delivery of cyber solutions and projects in diverse cyber environments, through designing enterprise and national level security architectures, to hands-on malware detection, research and forensics. Formerly, Tzach was the Business Development Manager, Cyber Programs, for Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Additionally, he was the senior advisor to the Israel Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the field of infrastructure development and cyber security. Prior to that, Tzach was the VP EMEA Delivery at Digital Guardian (formerly, Verdasys), and Regional Manager at Verint Systems Inc.. Tzach is a graduate of IDF MAMRAM Programming Course and holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University.

Selected Team Experience

National Cyber Strategy for South East Asian Government
Bespoke SOC Monitoring for Fortune 500
R&D for Tier 1 Global Cyber Security Company
big data analytics for fortune 500 risk management company
Leadership Position in Israeli National Cyber Bureau

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